Why did President Obama’s hair turn grey?

You might have noticed that President Obama’s hair turned from black to grey in a very short period. During his campaign for presidency it was common to see a young black haired Obama but now we have a President with grey hair. It is told that his hair went grey in just 47 days in office.

Unfortunately for the President, the hair stylists also do not do a consistent job in covering up the silver fox hair as nowadays he appears with grey or black hair at random.

Going back to the original question on “Why did President Obama’s hair turn grey?”, an article in the Daily Mail/London suggests that the chief cause of it is DNA fraying.  The body has tips of strands of DNA called ‘Telomeres’. These Telomeres stop the DNA from fraying. When it frays, an immediate effect is seen. The impact depends on the part of the body as well. Example, DNA fraying in a brain cell means loss of memory.

The chief enemy of Telomeres is stress. Damage to the Telomeres occurs due to various stresses and the faster the onset, the quicker the damage.  This explains why the President who was bubbly before taking on the office, in a very short period ended up turning grey. The Presidency surely does come at a cost!

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