Starting Ritual

If you have started the engine of a mechanical or electrical machine, you probably know that at the beginning, it needs more gas or energy to start. A spark is then passed on to the engine and it kick-starts. This initial jolt of energy will get the machine running. After a few minutes, the machine will have gained enough speed to run normally with a regular supply of fuel.

There is a starting ritual for these machines. Same with your body.

Your body and brain require a starting ritual before performing an activity. Mundane activities are victims of procrastination and there you surely need a starting ritual. A jolt of energy. Passionate activities are probably a bit easier.

The brain is so loyal to you that it first puts a squeaking break when you think of executing an activity. The brain likes to keep you in the comfort zone of no-change. When I ask individuals, what can they do to increase their chances of going to the gym, the answer is almost ubiquitous – “get up and step out of the house or get into the car or bike etc.”

They know that once they step out of the door, they can get to the gym. The issue is that they do not step out.

Breaks are applied even to mundane tasks like getting up from a couch.

Recollect events and situations in your life where you just kept putting them off.

The breakthrough business idea which you did not pursue.

The book you wanted to write.

The musical instrument you always wanted to learn.

The phone call you wanted to make and re-establish relationships.

The list goes on…

What is holding you back? It is that dormant energy and a loyal brain. You are being held a prisoner in a no-change zone.

Break that barrier. Light a spark.

How do you that?

Here is a simple technique:

The next time you feel stuck, just say to yourself, “I’m a go-getter”. That’s it. This simple phrase is all you need to light that spark and send a dose of extra fuel to your brain and get it kick-started. Another technique is to count forward or backward to ten.

I’ve used this technique even when I felt I have lost every ounce of energy in my body. It has worked every single time.

Hard to believe? Experience it for yourself, spring to life and share your comments.

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Probably because there are subconscious blocks, fears, and negative emotions holding you back.

Unconsciously, you’ve built up a resistance to positive changes in your life, as a result of past experiences you have had.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! To come out of these blocks we need to bring a change in our thought then words and ultimately action.

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