Speaking Engagements

When you are organizing an event – be it a small get together, a corporate event or a major conference, you need a speaker who is authentic and conveys the message succinctly. The audience should feel connected and take away life retaining lessons. A speaker defines the success of an event and you get only one shot to get the right individual for a particular event.

Please read through for more information about me, the topics I speak on and my approach. Getting the right speaker takes time and effort. Hopefully, I can help make that decision of yours a bit easier. Thank you for stopping by.

Please email mahesh@spaghettiminds.com with your requirements and we will get back to you asap.

My commitment:
1. Prompt and professional responses via email and phone.
2. Preparatory sessions to learn about the audience, discuss topics and expectations. This can be done via email, phone or online live video conferencing. For mega-conference events, we can discuss a face to face preparatory meeting.
3. Impactful presentation tailored to the desired outcomes.
4. An exclusive resource page with links to any presentations, hand-outs, and references.
5. For the team and personal development sessions, a complementary group follow-up session over the phone or online live video conferencing is offered.

About me:
– I’ve been a public speaker for several years in small to large settings. At the end of the day, my mission is to spread a  message and share what works – you do not have to take my word for it but experience it yourself.

– Getting motivated listening to a talk or reading a blog post is nice, but more important is the execution. Anything we learn has to be actionable, and my talks and writings are actionable. I speak and write on the ‘What to do,’ but also ‘Why’ and more importantly ‘How.’

– I share the cosmic view of connections and relationships. Spaghetti Minds is about interconnectedness.I am passionate about the phrase Spaghetti Minds and Connect In Connect Out, phrases I coined several years ago.  Spaghetti Minds represents a description of how we allow our minds to become. Connect In Connect Out is the path and purpose of our life.

– In my speaking engagements, I connect the traditionalist and philosophical views with contemporary life. By being in corporate environments and in leadership positions, I have got a unique perspective on the rapidly changing world and the demands it puts on you.

– Born in India, I moved to the United States twenty years ago and live in New Jersey with my wife and son. I cover the spectrum of east to west. I’m passionate about personal development and pragmatic spirituality.

Topics I’m asked to speak on frequently:
Connect In and Connect Out (CICO) – The Mind-Body-Soul connection in a “real” world
1. Managing Stress, Time Management, Mindfulness, and Meditation.
2. Managing the balance between actual realities of the world we live in and our internal self.
3. Mentoring and Coaching. Individually or in Group Sessions.

No Limits – Leap to your next career junction
1. Focused motivational sessions for individuals to propel their career – either while in transition between jobs or getting ready to take the next step in their current careers.

Some of my current and previous engagements:
– Managing Stress in the workplace – Focused leadership session at Medidata Solutions, New Jersey
– Spirituality and Science at Montclair State University
– Speaker at the Stevens University – Howe School Alliance for Technology Management – 22nd Annual Conference.
– Your Career is Calling – Multiple radio interviews for 107.7 FM
– Discover a Harmonious Life – An ongoing session for four consecutive years at Shri Krishna Temple, Edison, NJ

Next Steps:
Thanks for considering me. Please email mahesh@spaghettiminds.com with your requirements and we will get back to you asap.