Power of Prayer!

Recently we had an incident at our place that resulted in water flooding. Being a holiday weekend, it was becoming very difficult to contact a technician who could come and fix the problem in a timely manner. We were scrambling and trying to reach out to all possible resources, yellow pages, friends, neighbors. Everyone tried to do their best. Finally, we were told that a technician would be coming and take care of the issue. As the minutes were ticking by, the water level was rapidly rising. Our objective part of our minds, started now making calculations on the rate at which the water was flowing and the time it was taking to rise.  The hours went by and the level in the house was going up rapidly and the technician was nowhere in sight. Our frantic phone calls ended up in automated systems or scripted messages indicating someone would be on the way.

The stress level were rising higher and the panic stricken faces were getting more tense…… during this entire incident there was one thing which we did not do and that was to pray. I have been reading and following that when you pray and keep faith, then the power of the universe starts working on your behalf. That is exactly what happened. We prayed in the name of the lord and kept faith in that power. When you turn your problem into the hands of that super power, now you are not dealing with that problem alone. You have the power of that super being who will now elevate your capability to handle the situation. That is exactly what happened.  Our fear calmed down, the tense faces were relaxed and in the next few minutes the angel showed up in the form of the technician who took care of the issue immediately!

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