Being Mentally Strong

There are some broad patterns of thought process and behaviors in all of us. You cannot generalize or make a judgement call, however, some obvious characteristics are evident. You learn to identify traits – Decisive vs. Indecisive, Secure vs. Insecure and so on. I have come to admire individuals who are mentally strong. These are […]

Unmet Needs – Pressure Cooker Relationships: Why Does The Lid Fly Off?

The original article appeared in The Jamaica Gleaner Online News Paper and was written by Trevor E. S. Smith. “I just asked a simple question and he started ranting and raving about issues that have nothing to do with my question or even me.” This situation is not unfamiliar to many of us. If we are […]

Why you should overcome Resistance – 4 easy ways

Resistance and Procrastination are the unseen Termites in our life. They work from the inside, eating away the core. The detrimental change happens in slow increments. The outside appears to look good while these termites feast on us. Over an extended period, we begin to crumble. I am a victim of Resistance. Each and every time, I delay […]

Meditation Apps

There is app for anything you can think off. Why not for meditation? Sharing with you an article on 5 meditation apps for your mobile devices. Now, you can have your personal trainer.


WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP NETWORKING The 4 types of Networkers Networking takes effort, isn’t it. In a busy schedule with work, family and other activities, time is a premium. Squeezing time out for networking is an additional effort in a constrained life. I had to make a choice on many occasions. Settle down […]

39 Failures and One Big Success

Three individuals set out to find a rust prevention solution for use in the aerospace industry. They tried and tried to get the water displacing formula working, but failed.  39 times did they try. They finally succeeded on their 40th attempt. And, that 40th attempt saw the birth of WD-40, (Water Displacement – 40th attempt) […]

Don’t share your woes

When I coach individuals and groups on Meditation and share with them the 3 approaches for an effective meditation, a favorite question I get is “I just cannot meditate, it is so hard.” I almost immediately respond back to that question by saying “No it is not hard, you are actually a Master in meditation.” […]

Book Reading List – Listen to what Bill Gates has to say

There was a time when I read close to 40 books in a year. In recent years, the time I spend on reading has not diminished, in fact, increased. The number of books though has reduced in count. I have become a bit stringent on the type of books I read. I pick every book, […]

Staying Focused – Do you recognize the early warning signs?

An individual approached me the other day and said “ I try to focus on one thing and while I am there and even without me noticing, my attention drifts away.” “ I try to pull back, only to realize that the drift happens again,” he continued. You sit down to clear your email inbox. You open […]

Why Does Success Matter?

You work hard. You give your best every single day. You have been investing quite a bit on your own personal development. You have been doing everything you were told to. Sill there is a feel of lack, a want, a sense of despair in your life. Why does this happen? Why is there dissatisfaction? […]