Why you should overcome Resistance – 4 easy ways

overcoming-resistanceResistance and Procrastination are the unseen Termites in our life. They work from the inside, eating away the core. The detrimental change happens in slow increments. The outside appears to look good while these termites feast on us. Over an extended period, we begin to crumble.

I am a victim of Resistance. Each and every time, I delay taking an action or the next step, I know it is Resistance spreading dangerous venom in my mind and body.

I have found Resistance  thrives on indecisiveness. They are formidable allies. Together they present a compelling story. One which you are inclined to believe. Every moment of delay or reasons on why something cannot be done is fodder for Resistance.

Procrastination is the outcome of Resistance. A manifestation.

Resistance makes you weak, you start procrastinating on taking action. Excuses pile up and soon you are on a slippery slope of helplessness. We resign to “fate.”

We are material beings. Renouncing action is not a choice. Till we are alive in this instantiation of life, action is required for very survival. As long as there is action, there is cause and effect. We cannot let resistance become the cause and procrastination become the effect.

Taking action, putting our effort and working in earnest righteousness is a fundamental pre-requisite and purpose of life.

I have found 4 ways to overcome resistance. Doesn’t mean that I have completely overpowered Resistance. I have a medicine to the termite:

Being Persistent – If I were to single out the best way to beat resistance then I’d pick persistence. By persistence, I simply mean keeping eyes on the ball and staying focused. Being vigilant is persistence. A bit of slack and Resistance will overpower you.

Keeping your goal or task at hand in focus is fundamental to beating resistance.

Taking incremental steps – Perfect enough is better than Perfect.

It happens to me all the time. I get derailed in trying to write the best possible post, and in the process I do not write at all. The best writers became great not because they were perfect, instead they set a consistent pattern to write and spread the message. They took incremental steps.

Making decisions The other day an individual approached me and said, “ I am finding it difficult to make the right choice. I have a job now, I have this other job offer that requires me to relocate. Should I relocate or not relocate?” He then went on to give me additional details.

I asked him, “ Can you predict the unfolding of events in the next 10 minutes?” He understood where I was going with my answer. When we cannot predict the next minute,how can we say that the choice we are going to make is the “right” choice. I asked him to review all the available information he has on the choices and pick one. That is the best anyone can do. At a later date, if we need to make adjustments, we have to. There will be a new set of choices and again we go about the process. This is life.

Better to take action than being indecisive.

The moment you are indecisive, resistance starts spreading in your body.

Have Faith – Being confident. Having confidence in your ability.  It is your race, you don’t have to look sideways or backwards. Just keep running your race. Always be a winner.

Question – How has resistance and procrastination impacted your life?

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