Opportunity Clock

Zig Ziglar calls Alarm clocks as Opportunity Clocks. Zig being a salesperson was never short of catchy slogans. The difference though is that Zig used his skills to change people’s lives. You listen to Zig and you will walk away inspired and riveted.

I reflected on Zig’s view of alarm clocks as opportunity clocks. Of course, it is an opportunity clock. It signals dawn in our life and sets the day in motion. The fact that we go to bed at night and wake up in the morning is nothing short of a miracle. Where was the guarantee that we would wake up? Should we not make the best use of the outcome of this miracle?

The opportunity clock metaphor changed my life. I no longer wake up in the morning cursing at the clock for disrupting my sleep. Personally, it has helped me to see life from a new perspective.  Here are 3 things I follow as a matter of discipline on waking up to the opportunity clock:

Acknowledge the divine – The miracle could have happened only through some divine intervention. My first order of business is to acknowledge the divine who continues to breathe into my life and makes me connected to the surrounding universe.

Smile –  This one is more recent. Around 3 to 4 years ago, I began to adopt this aspect of looking into the mirror each morning and smile. I do this as soon as I wake up. When traveling or not in close proximity to a mirror, I visualize myself in the palm of my hands. There is a wake-up prayer in the ancient scriptures indicating that your health and wealth, knowledge and power are all in your hands. Wake up knowing that you are not alone but connected to a powerhouse of abundance.

First things first – I map out three to four activities to be done in the first couple of hours of the day. Even if they are routine, I go through a mental review. This action gets me on my feet and also puts the much needed mental energy needed for the initial surge. It gives me confidence and interest to pursue the activities and then go for it.

I haven’t seen alarm clocks being used nowadays, phones have become the new opportunity clocks. Wake up to that beep, but resist the temptation to get online and browse aimlessly. A quick status check on your phone is okay and sometimes unavoidable in this day and age.

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This is simply superb article. In fact this Miracle Morning or Opportunity clocks can trigger a great change in our life. At this hour in the morning I can think about the divine as well as thanking for another bonus day in my life. This is the most important time In my day. It helps me to think about being fit as well as prioritizing the various activities I need to do during the day.

I thank you so much for showing me the path. GOD BLESS YOU

Mahesh Harvusays:

Thank you for the kind words.

– Mahesh

A timely article relevant especially during this time of the year when everything slows down and the weather outside makes you to hit that snooze button.

Mahesh Harvusays:

Thanks Aravind. Indeed environment influences our opportunity clock.

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