A different way to start the new year – 4 steps for success

Another exciting year is ahead of us. A new calendar to refer and a new sheet on our calendars. If you are like the millions out there, you might have prepared your list of new year resolutions.

It is time for some tough talk.

January 1st in itself is no different than December 31st. Both are dates on the Gregorian calendar commissioned by Pope Gregory. Irrespective of your personal faith relying on other schedules and whether we like it or not, the Gregorian calendar is here to stay and by no means was it a Catholic Plot. Please, get over it.

What makes January 1st different than December 31st?

The answer is pretty straightforward and one that underpins all other aspects of our life – the way we think and the spiritual, material energy that propels our thought.

We are creatures of hope.

January 1st brings us hope. A new beginning, A new life. Pleasure is the basis of every activity in our life. January 1st raises the hope of finding joy in our life.

Hope becomes a reality based on the spiritual and material energy you fan. You exert the appropriate amount of energy, and your hope turns into a realistic outcome. As simple as it. There are no deeper secrets to manifest your thoughts or desires. 

Make your goals a reality; focus on the spiritual and material energy. Fan your energy from a resilient foundation. Here are four steps, in the order of priority, you can take to create a resilient foundation and guide your actions to manifest formidable power behind your action.

1. Love or remain neutral  Take out the word “hate” from your dictionary. Personally, this is the third phrase which has come out of my lexicon over the years. Tired and Bored being the other two.

You either love a person or thing. If you cannot express love, remain neutral with no feelings of hate. Life is too short, neither permanent, to have hate flow through our neuro system.

If there is only one thing you can do in the new year, accomplish this step one.

2. Get financially stable – Note, I did not say focus on making more money. Stable is a relative word. It is a mindset. With whatever you have, you can make adjustments in your life and get to a place of stability and from there on build upon it.

Growth likes stability. For you to create more wealth, a stable foundation is a must. By the way, if you don’t do it already, make a commitment to track all your expenses and income by category. This approach will quickly enable you to get to a mindset of stability. Cut down waste. Usage is a necessity; Wastage is a luxury.

3. Focus on your body and health – Face it. We live in a material world. I write and speak on Soul, Super Soul, and Supreme Soul. To even comprehend any of the Soul concepts, Self-concept, and Spirituality concepts, you need a sound body and a healthy brain. Without a functioning body, spirituality takes a back seat. Get your material body in shape to enjoy the benefits of a spiritual body.

4. Develop Spiritually – I kept this for the last. Maslow’s theory holds good here. Basic needs drive Self-Actualization. Preach spirituality and talk about the four steps of spiritual maturity to a person who is struggling to get a job, has a medical condition or in a dire financial need. He will park spirituality to the side for the time-being. Dessert is great, only after a meal!

On the flip side, once you develop spiritually, you gain the ability to make it part of your life. It no longer will be an “additional” activity. Perspective on life changes. You cannot avoid problems and challenges, but you will handle them with relative ease.

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