Living a Life of Priorites

I have often wondered what should be the priorities by which we live in our life. As I grew up and went on and doing things that is required to take me to the next step, I realized that my priorities were often dictated by someone else – this could be the teacher in the school, the professor in the college, the manager at my first job and so on. While not truly living life aimless, it is in a way aimless.

Agreed, we all need to confine to a framework. At a micro level that could be the vision or goals of your job function, department or corporation. If you are a student, it could be the guidelines set by your teacher or professor etc.  But, at a macro level can we confine to a guideline and framework from which flows the overall principles by which we deal with the day-to-day activities of our life and in the process the journey of life itself.

After struggling on this question for quite some time, I believe I have reached a reasonable conclusion on living a life guided by priorities. The three priorities that one can abide by at a macro level that can percolate in even the most granular units of living are:

1. Living a life guided by faith

2. Living a life for the family

3. Living a life for the work we do.

In defining these priorities, I really intend to make these priorities be the guiding force in the way we conduct our life. These can lay the foundation and become a part of every decision we make.

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