It was enrichment time

It has been a while since I wrote/published a post. It has been enrichment time in the last couple of months. Took a nice break at the beginning of the year and the last few weeks also was a nice culmination point of all the learning, awareness and reading that has been going on for the last several years.

It was also a time for self introspection and realization. I also was formally anointed in a learning method that I have been following now for a while called the ‘Sedona Method’. It is a method where you ‘Let Go’ of emotions, feelings and thoughts for lasting happiness. It works miracles and you have to experience to believe it.  The culmination point was the formal coach training that now allows me to practice the method with friends, family and other individuals. I am excited to be on this journey.

I have also caught up on some good reading. A recent book that I read was ‘Never eat alone’, a nice practical book that shows how we are all connected and connection is a means to move in the direction we would like to proceed. More on this in my Booketti blog this week. Well now that I am back and plan to continue with the writing, I am looking forward to be in touch with you all.

Be good and Be Well as we approach a fantastic ‘spring’ in our lives.

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