5 Ways of Internal Cleansing

Body or external cleansing is a given. We recognize the importance of body cleansing through our experiences or an enforced discipline by our parents and teachers. The ill-effects being very visible, there is no specific reminder needed for body cleansing.

What about internal cleansing? By internal cleansing, I am referring to a cleansing which can result in a life centered on happiness and joy.

Unlike body cleansing which is focused on you, internal cleansing requires you to focus on others.

This form of Connecting Out results in Connecting back In. Internal cleansing is also Spiritual Cleansing. To be effective in our lives we need a combination of  – body cleansing and spiritual cleansing. A sound body and a sound mind go together. The ability of a human to be effective relies on a combination of mind and matter.

There are five ways of spiritual or internal cleansing. These five ways take the form of an offering or a sacrifice.

Cleansing through knowledge – Knowledge gained impacts our thoughts, feelings, emotions, behavior and actions. Individuals exposed to various facets of learning and personal development have a better outlook and a broader perspective. Even, something like learning multiple linguistic skills. In my own personal experience, I have seen that individuals who know to speak multiple languages tend to be easily approachable and assimilate. The fact of knowing multiple languages increases their confidence.

Internal cleansing occurs when you start offering the knowledge you gain to others. You spread the message, offer a service.

Cleansing through our mentors – I am broadly using the term mentors to include your faith based preceptors, individuals having a significant positive impact in your life and teachers.

Internal Cleansing occurs through our homage and gratitude to these mentors for their teachings. And, the best way to offer them homage is by translating learning to proper action.

Cleansing through worship of other beings –  Other beings means the environment. In the town I live in, there is a law – if you take down more than 50% of trees from your yard,  you are required to plant new trees. They do not disallow you from taking down a rotten tree, but require you to plant a new one. It is a sacrifice of our open space towards the environment. Preservation of woods and the forests is also the worship of other beings. If it is not for the forests and woods, where else would all the other beings – the insects, reptiles, birds go? We don’t let them in our houses, they need a home for their existence too.

Internal cleansing occurs when we expand our circle of life to include the environment.

Cleansing through our fellow beings –  You gain knowledge, you have mentors guiding you and an environment to sustain. Would you be the only person living? No. We are a species enriched with individuals around us. An ethical and compassionate behavior by us towards others cleanses us internally by getting rid of hatred, envy and a bloated ego. The very purpose of charity and various faiths spearheading the message of charity is to help an individual with cleansing.

Internal cleansing occurs when we are ethical and compassionate to other humans.

Cleansing through faith –  Prayers play an important role for a person with faith in a divine higher being. The bigger question is the purpose of prayer. When you pray with a desire and want, you undermine the power of a higher being. If indeed there is a higher being then your desires and wants should be known by such an entity. If you are praying out of fear then you are implying that the higher being is not kind and compassionate.  Again you are undermining the power; why would you want to pray to an entity who is not kind and compassionate, but makes you afraid and meek.

Internal cleansing occurs when you pray not for fear or desire but to connect to the ideals of the divine. Irrespective of religion, the purpose of prayer is to connect to the energy, the virtues of the supreme.

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