How much is your individual energy worth now?

Joe Vitale as part of his ‘attraction factor’ message cites an interesting way to look at how we conduct ourselves during the day. I have experienced this personally and enhanced it with my own observations and the teachings of several other learned teachers.

Let us say we wake up in the morning with a $1000 worth of mental/spiritual energy. This means that in every action we engage, we either dispense a part of this energy or add to this energy. If we have hatred, negative thoughts that we keep carrying around then we have to pay rent every single minute/day for these thoughts to stay in our body and mind. Let us say the rent for these hatred feelings and negative thoughts is $200. Now, you are left with only $800 worth of energy. You just woke up and you already depleted the energy reserves!

You have a choice to make, do you enhance the energy reserves of $800 or deplete it even further.

The label ‘depression’ or ‘depressed’ will soon be put on you when the cumulative rent you pay for the hatred feelings or the negative actions you take during the day, deplete the energy reserves so much that not only does it consume the remaining $800 worth of reserves but goes in the deficit. That is when we resort to all sorts of medication to overcome the depression and ‘try’ to get into a more serene sense in our thinking and hope that we come out from a deficit by our actions.

On the other hand if your focus is towards self development of body, mind and actions then the first thing you would do in the morning is to wake up, thank the lord for allowing to us wake up to another beautiful day, forgive and adopt kindness towards all our negative and hatred thoughts. Immediately, you regain back the $200 worth of energy!

Now, as you go through your day, pay closer attention to every action of yours.

Do you complain that the weather is lousy? Negative/Depletes energy reserves

Instead be thankful that you have your body senses alert to detect a change in weather. +ve increase in energy reserves

Do you complain that you have to go to work? Negative/Depletes energy reserves

Instead be thankful that you have the ability to ‘get to work’. +ve increase in energy reserves

Do you complain that you have a long commute? Negative/Depletes energy reserves

Instead be thankful that you have the ability to commute. +ve increase in energy reserves

A shift in our thought process and focusing on every activity will have an immediate impact on our energy reserves. You will find that with this change in your belief pattern, you have a lot more to give on anything you do. Like this massive universe, we live and can surmount ourselves internally with an abundance of energy. The change in our belief pattern is the way to amass and acquire this massive infinite amount of energy reserves unintentionally.

A closing comment – the next time you have to attempt to accomplish a task or activity, do so with the complete energy it requires. If you cannot give it the right amount of energy, just do not attempt to do it. You will be better off. What do I mean by that? Let us say you have to make a phone call to a customer. Put on a smile, clear up your brain, put on a positive belief and then pick up the phone and call the customer. If you are not ready for that, do not call the customer! Wait till you can prepare yourself.

Here is the trick on why it is critical that you follow this. The subconscious brain treats unintentional beliefs and intentional beliefs the same way. You can trick it to think and increase the energy by staging your thought, feeling and behavior and it perceives it as an natural action. In the process, it starts vibrating your body with the right amount of energy and there you are feeling at your best!

Go ahead and try it out today and let me know.

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  1. Olga
    04/21/2013 at 12:05 pm

    I’m impressed, I have to say. Really not often do I enecuntor a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me let you know, you have got hit the nail on the head. Your thought is excellent; the problem is one thing that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. I am very completely satisfied that I stumbled across this in my seek for one thing referring to this.

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