Healing and You

In the journey of life, we get bruised – physical, emotional and financial. These bruises are as diverse as the differences which exist in this universe. Many of the wounds are quick to heal, but then there are the stubborn ones which stay on for a long time. Even before they can heal, we get bruised again and worsen the unhealed wounds.

Many say they want to get out of pain and probably it is true, however, have they made healing a priority?

In my own experience, I find healing a necessity. It is a continuous process to become sound and healthy. Healing is not a one-time remedy. I’d like to categorize healing into 3 types.

3 Types of Healing

The first type is Physical Healing.  The body is in focus in the physical healing process. The expected outcome is relief from physical pain and suffering, an illness, or a trauma. The complete “you” is a combination of the material body and something beyond the material body. Physical healing is the healing of the material body.  The usual route for treating physical ailments is through medication under the guidance of a medical practitioner. Another method is the use of alternative and complementary medicines, like treatment through herbalism.

Physical healing can also occur through therapies like energy transfer techniques. These energy transfer techniques are done through prayers directed in a specific way. Transfer also happens through touch and contemplating on the well-being of the individual. An interplay of mutual faith between the healer and the person to be healed is needed for the transfer techniques to work.

Of course, faith is needed even with a regular medical practitioner. Faith can move mountains. The entire concept of the placebo effect is based on faith, an individual takes a sugar pill and thinks it is real medication and gets cured. When in reality, it is their belief and faith which is curing the ailment

I believe in physical healing through energy transfer and practice it on my own body and also to help others. Using a combination of prayer and touch techniques, I go beyond the superficial physical ailment, merge with the energy flow of the body and direct a transfer of wellness. Holistically, I have come up with a method called the Archi Radhi Method, the name is derived from ancient scriptures and it is healing through the Path of Light. I practice Archi Radhi for physical and spiritual healing.

The second type is Spiritual Healing.  Earlier, I had said the complete “You” is a combination of the material body and something beyond the material body. This entity which is beyond our material body is actually the core of our life, also called the spirit or soul. Our spirit operates on an energy form which always results in peace. Spiritual healing is the process of operating on a similar energy form as our spirit, which means when we are at peace, we are spiritually healed.

Three forms of energies guide our life. These energies result in three types of behavior – aggressive passion, sluggishness, and peace. The first two are not in alignment with the frequency vibrations of our spirit. It is only peace which is congruent with spirit. The more you eliminate aggressive passion and sluggishness, the more you increase the share of peace. When the quota of peace in you triumphs the quota of aggressive passion and sluggishness, you get spiritually healed.

The easiest way of experiencing spiritual healing or getting in touch with spirit is through meditation, mindfulness and analytical thinking. The left brain gets activated during meditation, mindfulness and analytical thinking. You become intentional and drive conscious choices. When you drive conscious choices – such as channeling energy (meditation), observant (mindfulness), making informed decisions (analytical thinking), you are at peace with your material body. You make the body and spirit congruent.

This congruency is achieved faster under the guidance of a Guru, a teacher or a coach.

The third type is Financial Healing. Financial healing is a two step process. Step 1 is to gain a mastery of our emotions through spiritual healing. Step 2 consists of embracing practical ways of managing our own finances. Emotional stability paves the way to give you the strength and insight to overcome any financial problems.

Easier said than done. In the midst of financial troubles, it is not easy to focus on spiritual healing. But, on the flip side, you cannot have financial healing unless you gain emotional stability. There is no other option left. To overcome financial struggles, you first need to be in a state of mind where you can see objectively and plan effectively. When you are emotionally stable, you develop the uncanny ability to be content with whatever you have while you pursue your desires.

It is time you make healing a priority. Peace is better than Pain.

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Neela khanolkarsays:

Hi Mahesh,
Your email came to me at the time when I was in severe physical pain. It was God send! I read your blog on Healing and You. Trying the Physical and Spiritual method helped me cope with my pain while I was still on medication. Thank you very much for thinking of me!
Best wishes,

Mahesh Harvusays:

Thanks Neela.

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