Faith and Belief

The moment I talk about faith, quite easily the discussion can take a religious detour. Understandable. However, my assessment of faith and belief has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with you and the way you lead your daily life.

A belief is a crystallization of thoughts underpinned by an emotional foundation. When you believe in something, you have embedded a mix of thoughts and emotions within you and in the macroscopic definition of true vs. false, you have given it a label of certainty.

Beliefs change as your awareness evolves. You may believe in something today and over the years may change your opinion. As you learn, acquire knowledge, and move into an experiential realm, what you believe in may evolve. A kid may believe there is someone called Santa who brings gifts, as the child grows older, Santa moves away from reality to fiction.

Beliefs are a product of the brain consolidated by the flow of information and energy occurring through the mind.

Faith is different. While belief is a product of the brain, faith is a product of the soul, the deeper core, the spirit. Faith is unwavering, unaltered and unperturbed. Faith cements and hardens as the days, months and years go by. Faith is and becomes your core. Beliefs are usually associated with what we know and see, Faith is associated with what we know and most commonly with what we do not know and see.

When you have faith in the love of your parents, that faith is unperturbed even when you experience moments where that love is not expressed openly. Similarly, faith in a kind and compassionate divine does not waver even when you see good and bad events happening around you.

How do you develop faith? Imagine you are stoking pieces of coal to intensify a fire. You use a wooden stick to kindle the coal. The wooden stick is your thoughts, as you kindle with your thoughts, the fire (faith) rages and the stick (thoughts) burn in that same fire.

When you are in a state of faith, there are no more thoughts of doubt or inquiry, you are in a state of complete acceptance.

Who or what do you have faith in?

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L Jayaram Haravusays:

Thanks Mahesḥ. Both belief and faith can be shaken with bad experiences that may happen. For instance your belief in a friend who will never cheat you can be shaken when in fact, he deceives you. Being human your friend can be driven by desires, thoughts and actions that do not match the high standards of true friendship. Similarly faith in an unknown entity (God, your own ability, luck, etc.,) can be shaken when that faith is somehow shaken by a bad experience. On the other hand, Knowledge of the Truth transcends both belief and faith. No wonder then that belief or faith -based systems of religion are not entirely successful in helping man to lead a truly happy life. He is always seeking for that elusive thing called happiness. His life is lived as an eternal seeker, never as an enjoyer.

Mahesh just waiting for your post I was really thrilled the topic you had chosen.
In fact the belief system …life is a competition creates fear, anger, hatred , jealousy and depletes our happiness. We resort to unethical practices.
My life is my journey to my destination at my speed, using my capacity and on the basis of my values and principles….This is faith.

So as you have aptly brought in your topic Both the key words of our life help us in a journey of improvement and empowerment.

KEEP POSTING God Bless you

Mahesh Harvusays:

Thank you @Jayaram Haravu. When faith is shaken, it is a reminder that we have not crossed the ocean of belief. Well said, knowledge helps to reinforce faith.

Mahesh Harvusays:

Thanks, Jayashree. Good insight.

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