End of an era – After 30 years

200 million in sales and 30 years in the running. Finally Sony has decided to bring down the curtains on the Sony Walkman that became so popular and was the pride in the eighties.  Sales of cassettes tapes have been going down as well. TDK at one stage had a staggering 3 billion in the pipeline. Surprisingly after a slump for several years and the #’s going down to just a couple of millions, the sales took off last year with cassette sales steadily picking up.  I guess it was the recession and folks going back to good old tapes! By the way, tapes are very popular with law enforcement, easy to rewrite a digital media but not the good old tape.

Still very popular in India and Japan, they are source of pride. I threw out my last set last year after copying them to a CD using some slick software developed by nch.com.