Enchanted Objects

How recently did you hear the phrase “things have become commercial, everything has become so material.”

Personally, I’ve struggled to relate when I hear such comments. I get even more perplexed when I hear teachers of spirituality or persons of religious faiths make that comment.

In this material plane, we are surrounded by and experience the animate and inanimate characteristics of objects. Look around, you are surrounded by objects, in your living rooms, in your kitchen, in your kid’s rooms, and everywhere. These are plain and simple objects. The more you collect them, the greater the clutter. Soon, the clutter becomes the norm for you and you remain engaged and immersed in the material plane without any time or thought to look beyond.

Help me understand. How can you be in a world which is not material? By definition, this world, this universe, this galaxy and everything in it is a material manifestation.

Rule#1 – Minimize the objects in your home, in your workspace. Get rid of the clutter. Free up the physical space and mental space.

What about those objects which are near and dear to you? They have an emotional connection associated with them. They are inanimate but you feel life in them. This could be the picture of a loved one, a deity, or something very personal. I call these Enchanted Objects. They are enchanted as they fill you with delight and charm, they mesmerize you, they have a larger than life meaning. The last part “larger than life” is the spiritual aspect of that object. Enchanted objects have a qualitative aspect but not a quantitative aspect. They are few in number.

How do you recognize an enchanted object? Apply the simple 3 question rule: Do I really need it?  Do I experience joy and peace when surrounded by it? Am I attaching my worth to it?

If you really really need it then it is enchanted.

If it gives you joy and peace then it is enchanted.

If you are attaching your worth to it, then IT IS NOT ENCHANTED. Surprised?

When you attach your worth to an object then your worth is taken away when that object is taken away. In other words, you are left worthless. My dear readers, this is where spirituality comes into effect, in the world of materialism, only spirituality will help you be worthy while remaining detached to an object.

Spirituality in essence then lies in our ability to see, experience, and immerse in a realm which goes beyond the material manifestation. Keep in mind though that spirituality does not and should never negate the existence of a materialistic reality

Rule#2 – Keep a set of selective enchanted objects. But, do not attach your worth to them.

Rule#3 – Get realistic. Materialism is needed. Acknowledge, Accept and Adapt.

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Kailas Simhasays:

very good insights and perspective Mahesh! Need to relook at some of the things around me now 🙂

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