Quite Simply, You need a Guru, a Mentor

A Blissful life comes with heightened emotional intelligence. Successful Leadership also comes with heightened emotional intelligence. Awareness is the anchor for heightened emotional intelligence. Awareness is a trait that is learnt. While some are bestowed with innate talents, in most, awareness is acquired and enhanced over the years. Awareness is going beyond just physical and mental presence. That is where […]

Excellent Customer Service – USPS, Home Depot

A treat indeed when you experience some excellent customer service, particularly from larger corporations. I was fortunate to be a recipient of world-class service from two different companies in the last couple of weeks. The first one was from Home Depot, a US based Corporation. I have been a loyal Home Depot customer probably stretching […]

Well-Being-Index, Another metric.

Metrics are well you can say just metrics. When looked closely they do convey a meaning, a depth beyond just numbers. Take a look at the Well-Being-Index survey. This survey conducted by Gallup tracks the well-being of United States (and UK) through a series of questions. The results are tabulated and then the well-being of […]

Now! Track your progress towards a purposeful life – Net Personal Score

I am glad to be back after a brief hiatus. The last few weeks have been enriching, centered on leading a purposeful life. That included going back to my roots and discovering the spiritual bloodline and my family bloodline. A sense of satisfaction flowed through my mind and body as I went on a journey […]

How to Instantly Click With Everyone You Meet?

I remember the day when I first landed in the United States. Snow all-around and freezing cold surrounded the airport in the mid-west. Shivering in that cold, I was waiting outside the airport to be picked-up . I noticed something unusual. Several of the individuals walking in and out of the airport would look at me […]

Going beyond self realization – Right Activity and Unity Consciousness

You have two individuals performing a similar activity. One of them is aware about the self and the other one is not. The distinction between the two is awareness of the self. This distinction drives a different means and outcome towards the activity. The individual with the insight and knowledge of self and faith will grow in power and […]

How I improved my day with just one Lemon – 15 amazing benefits

Never knew that our everyday lemon has so much of health benefits. I started taking a cup of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon each morning before my breakfast and workout. The energy levels are rising up coupled with a soothing calmness and clarity of mind. Here are 15 amazing benefits you gain by having a […]

Do More Whine Less!

A simple and powerful video presentation from Michael. I love it.

Why some People Almost always live a Purpose Driven Life – Read this

The other day at the end of a talk on mindfulness, an elderly gentleman walked over to me and said “you make the message so simple and easy to understand.” He continued to say “In today’s world, people do not value simplicity, or anything given out for free. They will question and find it difficult […]

How to beat stress and be happy

Calmness has become a rare commodity. We have become a society where multitasking and doing has become the norm. Stress has become a common phrase and part of an acceptable vocabulary. Have you ever paused to think on how much pain and grief we let our bodies go through? Our cars fail to operate properly […]