Stuttering – Practical techniques for improvement

Stuttering is a speech disorder where words, syllables last longer than normal when spoken. Often times, the individual who has a stuttering disorder struggles to let some words out. The end result is there is a break in the flow of speech. Interacting with an individual who stutters requires a bit of compassion and patience. […]

Wow, It has been a 2 month hiatus from writing

Sorry folks, not a situation I would like to be in. It has been two months and I have not had the chance to connect with the outside world. On the flip side, I have been continuously in contact with  my inner self. There is a renewed awareness and at the same time a little […]

An Earthquake and a test of my priority

Okay, I know probably every blog and website is now talking about the earthquake that hit the US east coast this afternoon. Measuring 5.8 on the scale, it is not a trivial one. Just reminds us and puts things in perspective on where we stand in comparison to mother nature. This was my second experience […]

Customer Service at its best – Hospital for Special Surgery

We all long for that moment of excellent customer service that we can cherish. I am sure you still remember the occasions where you received nothing but the best service, it could have been at a restaurant, on a flight, or a hotel. How about getting some top class service at a hospital! I mean […]

An experience through the beauty of the eyes

It was a fascinating experience to watch a classical Indian dance recital at the Montgomery school/NJ on July 23rd. The event was the first stage performance by a budding dancer – Santosh Coorg. She made her first stage appearance performing BharataNatyam – a dance from Southern India. I do not have much recollection of watching […]

Lovely Quebec

Bonjour! Just came back from a fantastic two day trip to Quebec. I was there to be on the ICCP/DAMA governance committee as part of the certification advisory group. Weather was fabulous and the people are very friendly. My complete ignorance of French did not pose an issue at all, folks manage to speak English […]

My NOOK Color

Yeah, I got my NOOK color. It was a tough choice to make, between the Kindle or the Nook. The deciding vote was cast by a bright and smart 16 year old kid – my son. We settled down in favor of the NOOK. Color screen, bright display, web browsing, email capabilities were a few […]


I should admit, I am a victim of the infamous P word. You know what I am talking about, the behavioral disease that we all suffer from. Some of us more than others. I am yet to figure out, why this P thing creeps up regularly. I have come up with ways to deal with […]

Never Eat Alone

This book was given to me recently. It is the story of Keith Ferrazi a successful career individual and his perspective on how he has succeeded in life. His main message is that connections established with an intention to help will get you much ahead in life than any other means. His journey from being […]

It was enrichment time

It has been a while since I wrote/published a post. It has been enrichment time in the last couple of months. Took a nice break at the beginning of the year and the last few weeks also was a nice culmination point of all the learning, awareness and reading that has been going on for […]