Beads of Wisdom from Rumi

I have been fascinated with the poetry of Rumi. This persian poet from the 13th century is regarded as the best selling poet in the United States. Rumi’s poetry on the surface appear as love poems. Beyond the literal meaning there is a transcendental and spiritual  meaning.

Recently I read the book, Love Poems of Rumi, translated by Nader Khalili. An excellent piece of work. Love potions flow out of the book. Rumi takes on the role of a sober lover, an intoxicated lover and a lover craving for plain and pure love.

I have taken some excerpts from the book. When these excerpts are read from a transcendental and spiritual perspective, the divinity and the connection of body and soul becomes evident. I have taken the liberty to modify the original translation, added,changed or omitted words to have them flow together against a spiritual backdrop.

On the divinity of the human body

You are the letter written by God
You are the Mirror that reflects the Divine
Seek Inside for all you want is all you are
There is nothing above and beyond

You’re like a flower born from the essence of laughter, good fortune and happiness
You’re free and luscious like a blossoming branch

I’ll leap hundred stages beyond any wisdom
I’ll leap break free from all known good or bad
I’ve so much goodness hidden inside me
I’ll finally fall in love with no one but me

I’m not enslaved by my body
I’ve broken the barriers of the past and future

On Our Thoughts

There was a time when my thought soared as a king
There was a time when I mourned like a prisoner
Those days are gone and I have promised not to take myself serious again

Why are you so busy with this or that or good or bad
Pay attention to how things blend
Why talk about all the known and the unknown
See how unknown merges into the known

On directing us to have faith in a Divine

What makes you tremble in fear that’s your true worth now
Whenever your mind flies it can land only in the house of madness
A heart filled with love to the divine is like a phoenix that no cage can imprison

There was a blind sage in our town
A healer took mercy on him to set his eyes open to the light
The sage refused and replied if you could only see the light I see…

Every moment someone is blessed a tree sprouts, an angel flies
Even a monster leaps with delight
When your body feels together, when your soul wants to unite
You are chosen for a blissful of love

Come Come Come
You are my path, You are my journey
I’m missing this life if I don’t cast my mind in the fire of your divinity
Come Come Come

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