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Never Eat Alone

This book was given to me recently. It is the story of Keith Ferrazi a successful career individual and his perspective on how he has succeeded in life. His main message is that connections established with an intention to help…

Ritual or Rationale

An interesting tussle went on between the President of the Rationalist International and an Indian Tantrik (Black Magician) on a live TV show in India. The Tantrik vowed to kill Sanal Edamaruku, the President of the Rationalist International through his…

Living a Life of Priorites

I have often wondered what should be the priorities by which we live in our life. As I grew up and went on and doing things that is required to take me to the next step, I realized that my priorities were often dictated by someone else – this could be the teacher in the school, the professor in the college, the manager at my first job and so on. While not truly living life aimless, it is in a way aimless.

Power of Prayer!

Recently we had an incident at our place that resulted in water flooding. Being a holiday weekend, it was becoming very difficult to contact a technician who could come and fix the problem in a timely manner. We were scrambling…

To-Be or To-Do

I am a time management addict. I like to plan things, plan my day-tight compartments, allocate time for the things I have to do and prioritize. I am not complaining. This technique has proved very effective and I always say, “if something goes on my calendar then it will be accomplished”.