Healing and You

In the journey of life, we get bruised – physical, emotional and financial. These bruises are as diverse as the differences which exist in this universe. Many of the wounds are quick to heal, but then there are the stubborn ones which stay on for a long time. Even before they can heal, we get […]

The Last Hug – Because Life is too short

Not too long ago, I was in the midst of an acrimonious situation. Respect and civility had taken a back seat, loud voices and talking over each other were satisfying the egotistical glut. Conflict can be sometimes useful, the rules in a “healthy” conflict promote development and drive a common objective. But, this experience of […]

Control is an illusion – 4 ways to stop being a control freak!

Having a sense of control is an innate human characteristic. Except for a small percentage of highly creative, abstract thinking individuals, probably the vast majority of us want to have some certainty in life. Predictability in outcomes makes you feel secure and plan for the next steps. Having things done a certain way or “my way” brings those […]

A different way to start the new year – 4 steps for success

Another exciting year is ahead of us. A new calendar to refer and a new sheet on our calendars. If you are like the millions out there, you might have prepared your list of new year resolutions. It is time for some tough talk. January 1st in itself is no different than December 31st. Both […]

Are you stressed? Check on your use of Technology and deal with Technostress

Technostress is the new buzzword. Simply put, Technostress is the stress induced explicitly or implicitly due to the usage of Technology. Just think about how technology has impacted our living. The pervasiveness and its accessibility are making new inroads. Televisions in bedrooms are no longer the issue being discussed. It is accepted now that a […]

God speaks through our desires

God speaks through our desires. If there is a universal divine who manifested this galaxy, solar systems, and multitude of universes, surely he had a desire. Willa Carter, the Pulitzer prize winner said ““The world is little, people are little, human life is little. There is only one big thing — desire.” It is this […]

Seek Counsel

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re in a professional, personal, moral or ethical decision making moment and need to make a choice? You’d wish there was someone you can use as a sounding board. In my own life, I’ve had numerous instances where I needed a guide, a mentor. In every instance where […]

Do the things that matter most

A hiatus and a long one indeed in connecting with you. These last few months have been a great learning experience for me personally. It highlighted the need for retooling myself regularly on my own discipline. A couple of events is all it took to get off-track in my plans I had set for the remainder […]

Why does superstition work? You are more rational than you think!

There is a story that a visitor once asked the Nobel Prize–winning physicist Niels Bohr whether he really believed that the horseshoe he’d hung at his country home was lucky. “Of course not,” Bohr said. “But I understand it’s lucky whether you believe in it or not.” Scientists, Rationalists, Theists and many others claim a […]

3 Causes you must know before you take any Action

Between our stimulus and response there is a choice. It is in that choice we have the power to influence our action. Thoughts impact feelings, Feelings impact Emotions, Emotions cause Actions. A stimulus causes the chain of neuro triggers – thoughts, feelings, emotions and right before it goes into action there is a space. It is […]