Another electronic addition – Panasonic Lumix

I have a fascination for electronic items but at the same time weary that anytime you get one, an enormous amount of time gets drawn into understanding how the thing works, follow the instructions in manual that are the size of college text books. If these items come with rebates etc then that is another stretch you have to cover. As these are sizeable rebates sometimes enough for a nice dinner, it is very hard to ignore it. Sending the rebate form requires you to make copies, cut the UPC codes and the whole nine yards. Which is why I like Staples, those guys have made it all automated and hardly takes a minute to get all the rebate details entered online.

Coming back to the main topic, so last week after much hesitation (or should I say research), I ended up buying a Panasonic Lumix Zs3. It is a pretty neat camera with a 10 mega pixels resolution and 12x optical zoom. Now that is cool. Getting 12x zoom with a wide angle lens means that you can fit a decent size group in the frame of your picture.

The camera is not bulky, while it can fit in your pocket, I would not carry it that way. I bought a nice hard case for it that at less than 10 bucks. Now comes the hard part. The basic aim and click works fine and produces high quality pictures. I want to do more. That was the main reason I bought the camera, to capture the beauty of the nature, people, and everything else. Don’t get me wrong, the camera offers a lot of capabilities that allow you do that. I just need to go through that manual which probably has around a thousand settings.

The ZS3 is a compact digital camera that can be leveraged to work like some of the expensive SLR’s.  The last time I wanted to get serious about photography, I bought an expensive Canon SLR. It was an excellent piece of virtual eyes. Unfortunately our relationship ended quickly when the camera was stolen. I guess it was just destined to become the virtual eyes of the burglar or someone who bought (or stole again) from him! Hoping that ZS3 will remain more faithful and I am doing my part to take care of it well.

I am excited. As I start exploring the features of the ZS3 and shoot some nice pictures, I will start posting them on the site. The proof of the quality will be in the pictures!

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