Enchanted Objects

How recently did you hear the phrase “things have become commercial, everything has become so material.” Personally, I’ve struggled to relate when I hear such comments. I get even more perplexed when I hear teachers of spirituality or persons of religious faiths make that comment. In this material plane, we are surrounded by and experience […]

Don’t take the bait

“Mahesh, don’t take the bait,” said a friend of mine. In the midst of a discussion, there were opinions being hurled referencing me. I was tempted to react and defend. Explanations on why and how in defense was at the tip of my tongue. That is when I got this golden advice which is now etched […]

Digital Detox

Every now and then I go into a mode of detoxing my body – a simple discipline of drinking only plain water or lime mixed with water for an extended period. I pick the days when I do this randomly and stretch it from 24 hours to 48 hours. I do a detox for two […]

Faith and Belief

The moment I talk about faith, quite easily the discussion can take a religious detour. Understandable. However, my assessment of faith and belief has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with you and the way you lead your daily life. A belief is a crystallization of thoughts underpinned by an emotional foundation. […]

Starting Ritual

If you have started the engine of a mechanical or electrical machine, you probably know that at the beginning, it needs more gas or energy to start. A spark is then passed on to the engine and it kick-starts. This initial jolt of energy will get the machine running. After a few minutes, the machine […]

Alleviate Suffering!

We often link pain, distress, and suffering together. In reality, they are distinct and separate. For suffering to take place, we need to be in a conscious state of mind, have a certain level of pain, and then emotionally process that pain. Suffering includes the ability to bear. The pain which triggers suffering may be […]

The Pleasure – Purpose Rollercoaster

I am an achiever. I go after results. Over the years, I’ve seen that this mindset of being driven by a purpose puts a strain  – physically and mentally. That is when I started to study the lives of accomplished seers and learned a fundamental truth. At the highest level of self-actualization, you have everything, […]

Spiritual Ego

Ego – Everyone’s Got One, I love this definition. Anyone with a feeling of self-esteem, confidence in their abilities, will have an ego. You cannot afford to not have one. The problem occurs when that ego permeates and expands become an outlandish behavior hurting others. At that point, Ego transforms into harmful energy blinding you […]

Opportunity Clock

Zig Ziglar calls Alarm clocks as Opportunity Clocks. Zig being a salesperson was never short of catchy slogans. The difference though is that Zig used his skills to change people’s lives. You listen to Zig and you will walk away inspired and riveted. I reflected on Zig’s view of alarm clocks as opportunity clocks. Of […]

Leading an Intent-Based Life

You wake up in the morning and even before you realize –  hours, minutes and seconds keep ticking. You are left with a sense of dissatisfaction of not achieving anything meaningful. I go through this motion repeatedly and it makes me sick and frustrated. I just don’t like the feeling of being aimless. Call me […]